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Random imagery

Pleiades Satellite Image - Mon-San-Michel Abbey, France

About us

Northern Geographical Company – more than precision!

Northern Geographical Company has the wide opportunities for remote sensing data processing and derivative products creation. We develop the offers in case of specific Customer’s requirements attracting by the best way the need and advisability of different Earth remote sensing data application. For every specific project we suggest the complex process realization with the modern GIS technologies. For our Clients we offer flexible way the base of which is company’s long-term experience and innovation technologies introduction.

    Competitive advantages
  1. Distributor and partner agreements with companies-owners of the satellites.
  2. NGC officially supplies and distributes the space images of different spatial resolution.
  3. Work opportunity with the data of official secret.
  4. Our own technological solutions in the sphere of GIS technologies.
  5. Our own capacities and accordingly the great experience obtained for 14 activity years.

Responsibility for our work, professionalism and prosperity of our employees.


Precisely, compactly, reliably and professionally do its work. Execute effective and comprehensive support of the Customer’s project.

    Earth remote sensing
  • Space images delivery (archive data and new acquisition). Any resolution, coverage and spectral parameters images selection and delivery possibilities depending on the Customer’s requirements.
  • Digital elevation and terrain models creation.
  • Orthophotoplans and orthomosaic creation.
  • Thematic interpreting.
  • Earth remote sensing data processing.
  • Topographic maps and plans creation and composition.
  • Topographic maps updating.
  • Maps composition editing and technical guidelines development.
    Geo-information systems (GIS)
  • Complex solutions in the Geo-information technologies based on commercial and free (open) software.


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