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Pleiades Satellite Image - The Central Park, New York


Geographical information system (GIS) –is more suitable and optimal tool for work with spatial data and concerned information. GIS allow to solve many practical tasks promptly, provide quick and suitable access to information resources, allow user to search, analyze and edit digital maps and additional objects data. In modern world, GIS is used in different industries, production and sciences.

One of the main activities of Northern Geographical Company LLC is different application geo-information systems designing and development provided the following:

  • common user interface for input, manipulation and management of organization resources based on the common spatial data storage;
  • spatial data, graphs, schemes and diagrams visualization supplemented by tables, 3D-models, photos, multimedia means and etc.;
  • spatial queries creation possibilities allowed to collect, summarize and visualize data quickly;
  • integration with different information systems such as SAP, APCS, CAD systems.

Northern Geographical Company LLC can suggest the different complexity and thematic direction special corporate and branch geo-information systems development and introduction.


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