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Pleiades Satellite Image - Teotihuacan, Mexico


The actuality of 3D-modelling application in GIS has been clarified at first as provides more data clearness and interpretability, supports the possibility to transfer fuller the information about objects and studied environment changes during the time and also to realize applied tasks inaccessible to resolve with 2D-data use.

3D-models use allows:

  • Detect spatial, geographical coordinates of the objects precisely;
  • Obtain building height data;
  • Combine digital map thematic layers, image data with implemented 3D-objectes;
  • Realize realistic territory’s imaging and virtual movement over the model;
  • Analyze the fields of view and detecting line of sight;
  • Interpolate by height points.

Besides, based on such models it’s easy possible to calculate the square and three-dimensional features of the surfaces and slopes, expositions and relief cleaning and execute relief surface profile and contours formation.

It’s very suitable for those who needs to imagine fuller about spatial distribution of vector and raster data. 3D-modelling of situations allows possibility to visual estimation of mutual effect of different factors to each other and composition of the following situation evolution forecast. Common use of raster and vector and interactive 3D-analysis and visualization features, allows to obtain actual and useful information: from air pollution 3D-surfaces analysis to demographic rules detecting over the appointed territory.


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