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SPOT 6 Satellite Image - Volga, Russia


Earth remote sensing today is several hundreds of space vehicles on the orbit, more than 200 models of digital aero photo cameras and the violent development of unmanned aircrafts! It’s a great demand on the Earth remote sensing data and thousands of data terabytes required the active processing!

Northern Geographical Company represents PIXEL FACTORY as Airbus Defence and Space development..

PIXEL FACTORY is a revolutionary software and hardware complex to produce up-to-date high precision 3D mapping products. Thanks to its high capacity and native open architecture PIXEL FACTORY is capable of automatically process vast volumes of raw earth observation data from multiple sensors and producing a wide range of cartographic end products:

  • Digital terrain model (DTM)
  • Digital elevation model (DEM)
  • Seamless ortho mosaics
  • TrueOrtho
Main advantages
  • Instrument for different volumes of multi-sensor data processing.
  • Automated producing of digital elevation models (DEM) and orthophotoplans (True ortho) and digital terrain models (DTM).
  • It’s required a smaller number of operators.
  • High quality of end products.
  • All data in one workflow:
    1. Fast multi-sensor data adjustment;
    2. Automated tie-points generation and filtering;
    3. Direct producing of DTM based on multi stereo;
    4. High precision orthophotoplans rectification;
    5. Color adjustment and contrast enhancement;
    6. Single mosaic and maps creation to monitor the changes.
  • Unlimited possibilities for raw data loading.
  • Automated parallel processes:
    1. Modularity, distributed and parallel calculations;
    2. Simultaneous resources and workflow management;
    3. Scalable system;
    4. Information design.
  • Simple management:
    1. Simple user management tools;
    2. Error log and data recovery;
    3. Remote center supporting possibility.
  • State authorities tasks resolving (for example, situating centers)
  • Automated data processing daily obtained from ground stations
  • Realization of cartographic and photogrammetric companies projects
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