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Spot 5 Satellite Image - Everglades National Park, United States


Earth remote sensing data introduction to the map technological process allowed speed up the mapping process practically of all directions (topographic, thematic) and increase mapping products quality. Earth remote sensing data use by Northern Geographical Company in cartography as compared with traditional technologies allowed reducing the cost of mapping process due to the field survey and aerial survey and increase the efficiency.

    The number of the main mapping tasks resolved using Earth remote sensing data are the following:
  • Topographic maps creation and updating of all scales (from 1:1000000 to 1:2000) with additional data use;
  • Cadaster plans updating;
  • Environment and resource, social and economic thematic maps creation.
    Our mapping projects:
  • Road and transport network vector coverage creation over Southern federal region, Russia
  • Digital topographic map of 1:5000 scale creation over the territory of Iran
  • Electronic vector layers creation
  • Mapping services for geo-marketing
  • 3D-model creation over the Kremlin of Nizhni Novgorod


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