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SPOT 6 Satellite Image - Mururoa, French Polynesia


Space survey is very required in emergency for the scopes and consequences efficient estimation and its effects elimination control. Satellite data are required to resolve the tasks in meteorology, forest and farming fields condition control, land-use, technical objects condition, active oil producing infrastructure territories, land cadaster and mapping products creation, territory planning, geological survey, ships positioning tracking in any part of the World ocean and etc.

The space images as the Earth remote sensing data from space are the imageries of the earth surface obtained basing on the optical and radar equipment mounted on the Earth’s satellites. These satellites are the space vehicles with Earth remote sensing equipment usually launched on the low polar orbits at the height from 500 to 1000 km or at geostationary 24-hours orbits with the height of 36 thousands km (the satellites with the Earth’s visible surface meteorological survey equipment are usually arranged there).

    The main parameters of the satellite imageries are the following:
  • Spatial resolution which defines the minimum size of the image observable objects;
  • Panchromatic (black and white) acquisition mode or several spectral zones acquisition to obtain natural color imageries visible for man or pseudo natural, with infra-red spectral channels;
  • Ground size covered by the image.


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