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Pleiades Satellite Image - Angkor


Earth remote sensing data use (space and aero) for today is more advisable and profitable solution for digital elevation and terrain models creation and for existing topographic maps creation.

During photogrammetric processing mutual single-valued correlation between the point on the image and similar points on the surface is stated. Herewith geometric distortions of the image are removed.

Orthorectification is the main and more effective method allowed to consider relief displacement errors during the image processing. Such displacements effect is a critical for the images of terrain where relief is characterized by essential elevation differences.

During orthorectification the planimetrically precise imagery of the surface is created, which presents the surface and its features really. Besides, the camera or sensor orientation effect and camera or sensor systematic error taken into account.

In our Company many projects on both single orthophotoplans and orthoimageries creation were realized successfully.

The one of the sample is the project which purpose was as digital orthophotoplans providing over the territories of several cities in Europe based on the space imageries obtained from QuickBird satellite. Digital maps and plans of 1:25000 and 1:10000 scales were used as the additional data.

As a result of the images photogrammetric processing (Fig.1) the geometric distortion was removed and orthorectified imageries in UTM coordinate system on WGS-84 were created. The minimum resolution of raster imagery in accordance with the Customer’s requirement is 5 meter. The precision of coordinates detecting is 10 meter in plan. The format of supported ready images is GeoTIFF.

Applied software is LPS (ERDAS).

The other sample of the projects on imageries mosaic creation was the project on the orthorectified aero images creation over the territory of “SRTO-Torzhok” main pipeline with the additional histogram (colored) correction. The total length of survey route was more than 2500 km.

Modern processing technologies and latest software use allows the specialists of our Company quickly and qualitatively execute the different complexity projects.


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