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FORMOSAT-2 Satellite Image - Mauritius



Dear friends, we heartily congratulate you on the coming New Year and Merry Christmas! Let the coming year each of you will bring prosperity and success, will bring fresh ideas and help bring them to life. We hope that the new year bring you brilliant opportunities and opened great prospects. We wish each other future cooperation, professional success, optimism and faith in yourself! Yours sincerely, Northern Geographical Company


The beginning of autumn - this is the beginning of new opportunities for you. In September, we give discount and offer comfortable data acquisition conditions with TripleSAT satellites. If you plan on placing orders for large quantities, it is exactly suit you. Have time to place an order on the shooting until the end of September, and if the amount is over 20 000 square kilometers, the size of the discount will reach 50%! If less than 20,000 square kilometers, we will offer 40%. The amount of 5 000 square kilometers makes it possible to obtain 35%. Now is the time to place an order! Hurry!


The TripleSat Constellation has captured three satellite images in a row of three days. The following satellite images were taken on 1, 2 and 3 August 2016. The daily change activities have been clearly spotted: the ships travelling on the rivers; the cars parked in the car park; the cargo vessels stationed in the harbour; and the trains stopped in the train station. On 3 August, TripleSat 3 even captured an airplane flying over the train station. This demonstrated the unique daily targeting capability that made possible by State-Of-Art three low cost very high-resolution <1m EO small satellites phased 33 minutes after each other into a constellation. With this frequent revisit capability, 21AT is able to provide dependable data sources for monitoring the changes and enabling operational intelligent management.


Fifteenth Anniversary - a significant event for any company, and we are no exception! It is time to take stock and to thank all those who have been with us all these years and all those who are just going to start cooperation with our company. And now is the time to do it! After having time to make and pay for your order until June 1, 2016, you get a 15% discount on all kinds of products of our company! Let's celebrate our anniversary together! Happy Birthday, Northern Geographical Company!



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