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Yes, this sexy little teen slut is home from college from winter break, and it feels good to be back at the good old trailer house she shares with her mom. Even her old classmate is passing by to say hello and pay her a visit. He’s certainly grown into a fine man since high school. She can’t believe how hot and good-looking he is. They start flirting back and forth and she drags him to the back of the trailer. She gets down on her knees, anxious to see if his cock got as big and as beautiful as he did! She stuffs his throbbing erection in her wet mouth, sucking and stroking his member and drooling all over it, thick ropes of her warm saliva dripping all over the grass at their feet. The young slut takes off her top, so he can enjoy the sight of her titties while she’s giving him head. Suddenly her mom appears and sees some guy thrusting his thick cock in her daughter’s mouth!!! She has a face he will never forget! The guy tries to run but the cock hungry slut catches him. She grabs his cock so he can fuck her mouth more before, not paying attention to her mom. Then he’s kneeling and eating her out while she stands. He sits down by the wooden bench behind her trailer and young naked girl continues sucking and stroking his delicious member. It’s been such a long time since she’s gobbled up and nice homegrown dick. He straddles her on his lap, pushing his hard cock deep inside her wet cunt, pushing her body up and down, fucking her hard in cowgirl position. He grabs her by her ass, squeezing her cheeks hard while pounding her muff. He flips naked girl over and continues banging her in reverse cowgirl and after a while, he places her on her back over the bench, spread eagles her and pounds her wet cunt in missionary position. She holds her legs up high, grabbing them by underneath her knees so that big juicy cock can penetrate her even deeper. They keep on fucking all over the place, fucking outdoors is a big turn on for both of them. When he’s ready to blow his load, she gets down on her knees so he can spray hot cum all over her slutty face, her open mouth and her big tits right as her mom is coming back! She just loves being trailer park slut, it’s so much better than being a dorm room whore, LOL! She is a natural hottie for sure!! Dont miss more…

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